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Please let us choose gig for buyer requests/message them

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I’ve lost count on how many opportunities I’ve lost out on because I can’t select the appropriate gig or message the seller. Far too often they pick the wrong category, like someone who needs layout work or file conversion, selects proofreading…for whatever reason, or it’s a gig that could fall into multiple categories.

If this is meant to prevent spam, it’s heavily flawed. I’ve seen buyers get hundreds of proposals. If you want to prevent spam, let buyers choose the number of offers they can receive.

Also, many times there isn’t enough detail to send an offer. I know they have a character limit, but if they’re too vague, I’m going to need to ask them to clarify before offering services/requesting a fee. It seems like buyers are even unaware that we can’t message them, as they ask for things we can’t specify.

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