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0 Impressions on my gigs :O


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Hello guys! Let me tell you my problem:

I have many gigs and I think that they are attractive but here’s come the bad part:

Most of the gigs have 0 impressions and only a few has 6 impressions which is a “very much” impressions…

I want to find out how to make my gigs viral and make buyers get interested in my gig.

P.S: I’m promoting all of my gigs on the social medias.

Share your suggestions!


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You’re competing in categories that are very crowded, so it will be hard for you to stand out. What are you good at? Could you for example translate things from Hebrew into English and viceversa? Can you make video reviews? Write book reviews? You write “creator of video intros” yet none of your gigs offer video intros. Now that’s an interesting category because a lot of people need a wide variety of video intros, I’ve ordered quite a few for my Fiverr gigs.

Also, I notice in your profile that you mention your age. Unless you’re doing video reviews and targeting people who need teenagers, I wouldn’t mention your age. Not everyone hires the young, you know.

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Hi superbak.

Try to be exceptional from others at your gigs.

Choose a smiling and cheerful image of yours.

Made clear concept about yourself, your field of work, your expertise, your interest (a full concept about your performance) before the buyer. Make trust of the buyers. Your dedication about your work.

You may follow my gigs as an example.


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