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See History of Logins + Notification about unusual IP's

Guest vectormoon

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Guest vectormoon

A moment ago when I had just completed another order and refreshed the page, the language on my account changed from English to Brazil, and url went from “fiverr.com” to “br.fiverr.com”. Had to re-login to get it back to English.

Which got me thinking, that if it was not some bug, and someone else had actually accessed my account. Then there is no way I can know that for sure.

If I were a hacker with access to someone else’s account. Then I could easily observe that person for months, learn about his/her behavior patterns, without that person having no idea about it. The only time that person would find out about this, is when it’s already too late.

History of login information with time/date/location, would be useful.

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