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Looking for a good Ghostwriter


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I need a good ghostwriter for writing an extended novel segment. The segment would be very long (about 10.000 words, with 500 words equalling one gig, meaning that I would buy your gig 20 times) and is to be written like a novel (simple past tense, Third Person POV, written in English Language).

So much for the technical part. The novel segment you’re going to write is a story (in novel-form, NOT a simple,undetailed summary, fairytale or slice-of-life) about a woman who finds every woman’s greatest nightmare coming true for her: One evening, while she strolls through the park, she is assaulted by some brute and is raped. Later, she finds out that she’s pregnant. Because the baby is the result of a rape, and because the woman feels she is not ready yet to be a mother, she decides to abort her own child, despite a young priest trying to save her unborn child. The story ends with a description of the abortion of the unborn baby.

Most of the story is told from the woman’s perspective; However, the actual abortion is told from the perspectives of both the woman, the aborting doctor and the unborn baby (which is, for the purpose of this story, depicted as sentient, as if it was a small child). Because this is a cautionary tale against both rape and abortion, both the rape and the abortion must be shown in shockingly graphic detail, yet taking care never to glorify either a rape or an abortion.

That said, both the rape and the abortion take up a comparatively small part of the whole story-- 4.000 words, at most, probably less. Most of the story is actually devoted to the time before the rape, after the rape and before the abortion.

The whole story is very serious, and must be written that way. The writer must have excellent command of the English language.

If you want the job, please don’t send me a gig offer. Instead, simply answer on this thread, and offer your services here. That way, I also can gauge your ability to write this story. I’ll then go to your profile/gig and buy your gigs. (I’ll give you a simple description of the main character and a short plot summary. The rest is up to you.)

Anybody here who wants the job?

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