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How much do you think being active on the Forums helps your gigs? Well, A lot less than you think


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Here’s an interesting tid-bit for any interested parties.

The Fiverr forum is a great place to debate, chat, meet and do a small amount of business.

Did I say small? Yup. I sure did.

I see a lot of people, mainly sellers, posting a lot and indirectly (Being careful not to spam) trying to push their gigs and at times, deflate others gigs that are in the same category… or close to.

So. My point is this.

Although you can make a few sales here on the forum, the number of potential buyers that surf here is actually quite small. Well, really small actually.

So I’m asking if you think the never ending barrage of self promotion and occasional slander is really worth the effort for you?

How do I figure all this?

Well. Simple. You mainly see the same main posters posting.

Add to that the random factor from new people trying the forum.

Even at it’s best I doubt the Fiverr forum has anywhere near 1000 regular posters.

I’d actually guess around 300-400, maybe less.

Yet, Fiverr itself has hundreds of thousands of views a day. LOL.

So that’s my point.

Should you be overly using the Fiverr forum as a sales platform or simply as a place to debate and have a little fun.


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Guest drawforever

Actually it helps me. I manage to get a buyer from posting in the Fiverr gigs section. But I don’t know about other buyers though. I’m not sure how they find my gigs. Maybe is because I posted a video

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I think you should do both. Promote and try to sell in the proper place aka “My Fiverr Gigs” and have your discussion in the other appropriate threads.

As for sales value, I’ve made invaluable networking connections here with very smart folks and I think we keep forgetting that a very large percentage of Fiverr buyers? Are other sellers, who, with a click of their revenues, can buy a gig for either fun or friendship or curiosity. I’ve sold – and bought – lots of stuff to/from forum folks.

As for slander … Fragglerock seems to be the only ‘person’ picked on, and spammers are policed pretty closely by the Forum sheriffs.

I think posting here regularly is definitely worth it if you want to be part of a community that understands the issues that you’re going through as a Fiverr user as well as useful to promote. If you’re looking for a constantly rotating and fresh set of hungry buyer eyes, then no, it’s probably not the best place for that. But who is to say that’s what the majority of us are here for? Why does it have to be all or nothing?

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Oh, don’t get me wrong. There’s no reason not to do both.

I’m just wondering how many forum members are actually only members because they think the bulk of Fiverr ‘Buyers’ reside on the forum. Which, may be the reason the forums get so many topics like: “I’m not making any sales, what should I do?”. Maybe the sellers making these types of topics think that all of the Fiverr buyers are here, when in reality I’m guessing only about 0.001 percent actually surf the forums.

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I think it doesn’t hurt nor help. I think those who are top posters get more attention. I also think it can hinder you if you’re on the forum ranting about certain buyers. Since some buyers are also sellers and use the forum too, you gotta watch what you say.

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I think it differs from person to person.

Someone who is goal directed to purely make sales from using the forums will and can in my opinion.

I have joined here 90% because I like forums and decent online communities. At the same time, I will also happily spread my gig a little bit where I think it’s relevant. No harm in doing so anyway; even 1 extra sale a month is still 1 extra sale 🙂


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