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SEO: FB FANS, TWTTER FOLLOWS, VID VIEWS- Make sure your seller NEVER DOES THIS (you'll get banned!)


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We all love these social media Fiverr services for fans, follows, views, etc from the many good sellers here but have any of you noticed how almost ALL your sellers are asking you to drop a direct link to your fanpage, twtterpage, video, etc onto their Fiverr order page? SEO suicide!

Do you realize that when you LINK to your pages/video from fiverr how you are giving the big guys (Ggle, FB, Twtter) the direct smoking gun evidence that you are violating their terms of service by purchasing popularity? I found this out when Ggle started giving me stats on my yt videos and listed incoming links from fiverr seller pages! Dead giveaway to the mods! The worst thing was that I’m the idiot who didn’t think anything about placing this link to my pages on the seller pages. Now when I purchase anything like this, I’m telling my seller to find the links to my pages from inside an attached file. Be warned.

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That’s strange.

A direct link is simply that. A direct link.

For example.

If you wanted Fans to your Facebook page and posted me the link it’s simply a direct link. There’s no markers on where it came from.

Unless someone actually uses the link in your order page, then you can see where the who the referrer is… but that doesn’t make sense either because who would do that?

Basically, when I copy your link, leave the page and copy/paste the given link into the address bar it just becomes a direct link with no markers where it came from.

I could copy the link into notepad, and take the exact same link to another computer in another country and it would still work just fine, with no markers it came from Fiverr.

However, like me, when I get a new link I check it right from my order page. Maybe sometimes I check it two or three times. Then, since I’m in the same browsing session, the refferer on your anylitics would say that 1, 2 or 3 (Depending on how many times I looked) hits came from Fiverr. But once I copy that link out and use it as a direct link that won’t happen.

Say, copy to notepad, restart Chrome and copy directly into the address bar. Then, it’ll say the refferrer is Google because Google is my home page.

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I bought these a couple of weeks back and i’ve just posted the below comment to the seller, I will keep you informed on the outcome.

“Hi, I have noticed the likes on my facebook page are starting to disappear (i have this linked to my business website). I realise that they are fake but the all point is for my website and facebook page to look popular. This is having a reverse effect (I AM VERY WORRIED) I have not put my new website live yet so is it best to remove these? For people who keep checking back then it looks like we are an unpopular company and losing popularity. I look forward to hearing from you with your comments”.

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@dazroth - That’s what happens when you buy ‘Bots’, which 90% of providers send you.

Facebook is getting stricter with security. The reason they vanish is because Facebook closes down the accounts and… well, when the accounts closed the likes are gone.

I don’t know about Twitter, but Facebook Likes do have benefits such as search, and a nice boost in numbers. But, even when they are not ‘Bots’ you need to remember they are not “Real Fans”. They are simply paid to like a link and move onto the next for more money.

If you are going to use these services ask the seller if they are “Bots”. If they are then odds are you’ll loose every single one of them.

There are a ‘few’ good sellers out there. Usually they use a personal network for the service and you can usually tell by the numbers. The smaller the numbers the more likely it’s a good service. But, like I said. Simply ask before you order. And leave feedback accordingly.

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Hi Guys.

Thank you for your replies, just to help others out who might be thinking of using a similar service, i am keeping all the correspondance here.

I have had a reply from the seller:


We are really sorry to tell you the issue is gone beyond our capacity to

fix this fast.

However we guarantee you it will be resolved in coming days.

  1. You can wait till it gets fixed and everything get back to normal.

  2. We can refund you.

    The choice is completely yours and thank you for purchasing from us.




    Thank you for your reply, I am worried because somebody has written in the Fiverr forums about this kind of service and people getting banned? if i would have known this then i wouldn’t have paid for this gig in the first place. If you can categorily tell me that this will be fixed and my business website will not be banned i’m willing to go ahead with this service and leave positive feedback etc, Also to let you know that I am making this conversation visible on the Fiverr forums to help other buyers out (i will with hold your name as do not want to give you bad press) I believe in giving people the chance to sort things out! everybody makes mistakes, I look forward to hearing from you, ps a link to the forum can be found here if yo would like to contribute in anyway? but that is up to you… http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/5741/seo-fb-fans-twtter-follows-vid-views-make-sure-your-seller-never-does-this-you039ll-get-banned#Item_5
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