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I was going well but now No orders for last few days


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Hi Salu…

i saw your gigs and i checked some thing here i will describe.

  1. i took screen shot of you gig attached here. 4 of you buyers left same rating feedback wording… it seem fake feedback. if clients are really Nice you can ask them to change the rating words.

  2. your proof reading gig’s photo is very poor quality and not impressive enough to impress the clients. you need perfect design and correct sized images it will leave great impact of your work and it also will show you an expert in your filed.

  3. Gig Description.

    fiverr have nice tools when you write your description use it to highlight, bold, bigger size your wordings it will also leave good impression on buyer.

    so suggestion is that review your gigs and make some changes.

    if you can design then ok if you can’t design images for you gigs you can hire some one to do this for you. (use only your own copy righted images)

    here i will help you to design your own beautiful and professional images. also will help you to style your description in a professional way and will give you some more tips.

    you can hire me… message me on.


    Thank You

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