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Orders canceled by admin, after that i always got suspicious orders from different buyers

Guest unggi23

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Guest unggi23

a few days ago I received two orders from two different people from the same country , I 've sent the results and the buyer has to Provide rating was later canceled by the admin , and now almost every day I get a few orders of different people with the same country and the information provided when do order exactly the same , the name and information provided by the buyer exactly the same , there are currently some of the orders sent and all the buyer has a rating , I believe that the man who did not order but bot , I worry whether all orders that I send will be canceled by the admin ?

what should i do.?

is there anyone here who have experienced the same thing as me ?

i’m sorry about my English 🙂

i attached the file about the suspicious buyers ,

this the name of buyers who ordered my gig that i think its suspicious.

all this buyers always put the same information when they ordered,

but when i see they profile page, they are from Uni Arab Emirates

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