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37 detailed tips to optimize your gigs and start selling today


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Reply to @julipalmer7: Whuuut? I’m so flattered that Fiverr shared my writing, I’m just surprised I didn’t get a copy of the email, lol… I thought I was subscribed to all the lists, but I guess I missed it. Just as well, though - I’ve been sick with strep throat the past ~5 days and wouldn’t have been in a mood to celebrate anyway. Glad to help 🙂

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Reply to @marioland: From what I’ve seen in my own metrics, pausing a gig and going on vacation mode behave differently. When I paused a gig, its metrics flat-lined and then spent several weeks to recover. But when I used vacation mode, nothing changed at all - I just didn’t get any orders. Granted, I only used vacation mode for a week, so I don’t know if it affects sellers negatively if they use it for longer, but from what I’ve seen on my own gigs and what I’ve heard from other sellers, pausing your gig is an instant death-spiral, and vacation mode is just no orders. If you don’t get any orders, then your gig falls in the search ranking as it would normally when compared to other sellers in the same category.

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Reply to @jamesbulls: errrrr

Maybe a tip would be, “Turn your negative reviews into a learning experience” or “Demonstrate professionalism and delivered value on negative review”.

I looked at this very confused.

Speaking of review though, they should be thought of like any other review. The product isn’t all that matters. That’s why there are 3 determining factors of the rating.

Shine in all 3 and you’ll get the rating you earned.

When’s the last time you saw a 5 star review for a CUSTOM product/service outside of Fiverr that said, “over delivered”?

Communicate, to find out exactly what’s needed and expected.
Provide a service that’s BETTER than described, not just more.
Deliver a service, that YOU would recommend to others.

You’re your biggest critic. So ask yourself, would this be good enough for me?

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James I see that you are not only talented as a cartomancer, but also in marketing and writing in a very clear and engaging way. Great post, thank you!

and kudos for this:
“Be aware that female customers are voting with their dollars and taking their business to sellers who respect a woman…” Women are 80% of the buying consumers in USA.
Women are over half of my buyers and some of my most loyal repeat customers. We love to shop!

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The client base for astrology and fortune-telling does trend heavily toward women, but I do get a lot of male clients. I wonder if it’s just that men prefer to have their fortunes read by another man? Who knows. I think it follows one of the most general rules of sales: customers tend to trust sellers with whom they identify.

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