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Top 5 succesful gigs!


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Here are my top 5 easiest gigs to start:

: Voiceovers for storys

: Photoshop editing (for example removing backgrounds)

:Writing 30 seconds script for youtube videos

:Make a Ebook about what ever you want

:Advise things (for example if you got computer knowhow: create a custom pc for someone

Thanks for looking and oh help me out by checking out my gig


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Your ideas are appreciated although you may want to get a little more experience and read the forum “Do’s and Dont’s.” The actual easiest gigs will generally vary quite a bit from user to user. It depends quite a bit on individual skills and passions. For example, anyone can create an e-book, but to create one that people can understand and want to read is another matter. A buyer will not be thrilled to receive an e-book full of errors.

Promoting your gigs on the forum should only be done in “My Fiverr Gigs.” It is spam in “Tips for Sellers” even when you attempt to include some tips. If someone wants to find you, they can just click on your username.

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For a gig to be successful the seller must know how to do it well and there must be demand for the gig.

Consider this featured gig:

I will model your floorplan into 3D by SketchUp fastest for $5


That guy got Featured because what he’s doing is unique, and within his abilities. That’s the best way to do Fiverr, stick to what you know. Others may learn by doing, but if you promise Photoshop work and you stink at it, you’ll be in a world of hell.

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