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First official "Tip" / LVL2 promotion


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I was so excited when I noticed a few minutes ago that I just got my first tip after the new feature was introduced yesterday.

Fiverr has been an amazing experience so far; I have joined this platform on 2nd January and tomorrow I’ll be getting my level 2 badge (hopefully). So far, as I am typing this, I have 87 orders since I signed up and only one negative review that I can not seem to have it removed that dates from my fiverr beginnings. A lot of these orders are from repeat buyers that are more than satisfied with my work. I experimented a lot while reading this forum and it only takes some patience, time and ambition to do the right job and there you have it! I realized fiverr’s potential and I tried to maximize it on my own.

I work as a graphic designer in a printshop as a full time job and I squeeze freelancing in the evenings and weekends. Since I joined fiverr I have quit any other freelancing site and focused my attention and skill towards a great portfolio and a great future on this platform. The reason I got so intrigued by fiverr is because I have read that one article about Newbol3D here that made over $100,000. I was, like, woah… I got to see what this is all about.

My salary on my day job here in Romania is almost $320 per month. Since joining up fiverr, I am a few dollars away from hitting the 1K peak. That’s really amazing! I managed to my upgrade my home PC too so I can extend business.

It’s been a great journey so far guys!

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