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Giving Away Practice at Fiverr Forum


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Hello everybody,

I’m an old member of the Fiverr marketpalce but new to the forum.

The spirit here is very high and people are very helpful.

From day one a felt home 🙂

So why not giving back to this community and giving away some stuffs.

I launch this thread to give things that we can’t sell in the marketplace.

So what do you have to share?

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So I will be the first one to giveaway a free domain :

This time the domain is : Fragglesrock

Expiration Date: 14-April-2013

It’s for free and all you need to do, is asking for it.

I don’t know if this can be helpful or not, but some users may need to park it or resell it.

I will give away more things in the future.

Thank you

Sheriff’s note: Please try to avoid posting external links on the forum. Thank you 🙂

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I can give away free advice based on my IT qualifications and years of IT helpdesk experience, that tends to lead to a lot of people saving a lot of money.

2) Microsoft office, expensive, have to pay for it yearly… can be frustrating.

Solution, google “open office” it’s almost an exact replica of MS Office, but free. It covers spreadsheets, databases, word basically the whole package.

  1. Antivirus… every year I reconsider my free antivirus, reading comparable statistic, reviews, updates etc.

    Best free antivirus in my own oppinion is Avast. My computer has been through a lot and it would been eaten alive by viruses if it wasn’t for Avast.

  2. Create your own logo’s for free. Graphic design software called GIMP 2.0 (just google gimp) i’ve been using it for years now. Very powerfull free graphic software that does have a nice learning curve. If your a complete novice to graphic design just google gimp tutorials, or even youtube.

    It’s really great to enhance others work, for example if u had a gig delivered for your own logo, and it it’s great but theres something missing. Pop it in gimp, mess around with it and keep it or send it back to the seller to tidy it up a little.

    hope this helps guys =)
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