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Do you want what I'm selling? Would you buy it from me?


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I’ve had a decent start on Fiverr, but I feel like the market for my gig is small or I could promote my gig a lot more. I would love some feedback, positive or negative, especially negative, about my gig:


I teach people how to write and give better speeches/presentations. While I’m an excellent speechwriter I didn’t want to compete directly with all the other speech writing gigs and I would rather help people make their own words better than just give the words to say. However, $5 speech evaluations have not made me a millionaire so I seek the wisdom of the Fiverr community.

Am I selling the right gig?

Am I someone you would buy this gig from?

Any and all thoughts are welcome.

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I think the number of people needing speech evaluations isn’t very high. If I search “evaluate speech” I only find two entries.

If I search “write speech” I get more entries, but when I hit “high ratings,” this woman is on the 2nd row.

I will proofread and correct your writing products up to 2500 words for $5


When I search “speech,” you appear on the first row, center column. That’s fantastic.

And yet when I click “high rating,” this happens:

I will write speeches articles blogs and debates for $5


And he only has 83 reviews.

So my suggestion to you is to create more gigs.

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Some random comments on a few things…

  • one is change your title…I am not sure if the market for your gig is small or how well the whole Speech Writing gigs do in general, but the title may be something you could try to shift. It doesn’t really say what you are trying to do so that the end user understands or it catches their eye in the right way maybe.

    Right now it says:

    I will professionally evaluate your speech for $5

    instead something more like:

    I will help turn your speech into an award worthy standing ovation


    I will help you turn your speech from dull to dynamic

  • pick a better photo, that looks like a college debate club

  • you also say how you will “professionally” evaluate - but what professional experience do you have? It looks like you just have a bunch of college experience and no real, or what people may consider, “professional” experience. I am making the assumption that your teaching experience was TA’ing while in grad school perhaps.

  • I would switch things around, put your credential list after the last paragraph, start talking about what you do in the gig first. I think because it starts off with talking about “debates” that is not what a typical person giving a speech is necessarily doing. People have a notion about what “debate” speeches are and I think most business people or something aren’t really looking for help to write a debate speech as they are not interested in any opposing remarks, nor will they get them. They will just deliver their speech and it’s either good or dry.

  • Maybe write a better profile…starting with " I am a Joe of all trades" doesn’t really sell your credibility.

  • also, building up any business takes time…
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You’re hitting on the biggest issue I have in describing my professional experience, not just with Fiverr but in other areas too. Your understanding of debate is completely wrong, if you did understand, you would be buying my gig on Fiftyrr, but that’s irrelevant because however you and others see it now determines if you make an order or not. I hear you loud and clear, what I see as my biggest asset, my experience in college debate (grad student and faculty positions) just doesn’t appeal to some people, maybe most. I just can’t figure out how to give those people the correct/desired notion of debate, there’s not enough room on Fiverr, I tried. Google “Policy debate speech” to see why a video won’t help me. I have an extremely valuable persuasive skill set from coaching debate, that I can’t use to sell myself because it can’t be explained concisely to the average person, I think there’s a word for that, it rhymes with mironic or something.

You’re right about the photo, it’s crappy, but it’s me, I though real person would stand out against stock photos of other gigs, does it?

You’re wrong about where it’s taken, it’s not a college debate club, it’s a forensics competition (debate tournament) at a university who’s debate organization has a $150,000 budget. See my problem?

The photo sucks and needs to go, but on seller liked it so much they copied it and used it for their own gig, you can read about that in Fiverr Stories if you want.

Thank you so much for your feedback, you gave me a lot insight into how people are reading my gig, I really appreciate it.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter:

You’re right the small number of extremely satisfied customers I’ve had is nowhere near as many as other gig types, but enough to get me fairly high up like you saw. When I look at my gigs I look at the high rating page of Speech Writing and it’s in the fourth row of the first page. Does more traffic come from front page visibility or keyword searches, I should probably know this by now. Top speech writer has 83 reviews, I have 8, I should create more gigs. Thank you for your help.

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Reply to @heyjoe421: You’ll see videos recommended a lot and I didn’t see the point at first for the type of gigs I had. Just to see I added a really crappy video to one of mine, and within two weeks my orders on just that one doubled. I eventually found out that Fiverr likes videos on gigs so they tend to push you up in search results when you add a video. It wasn’t the video itself that brought me traffic, it was Fiverr liking that I had a video. Now I need to re-do it and make others and I haven’t gotten to it, but I no longer dispute the value of video no matter what gig.

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Reply to @heyjoe421: right and that is the whole point, the biggest issue in terms of describing experience and advertising yourself…it’s fine if you believe most people do not understand debate, but in terms of advertising and marketing you have to understand your target market, let’s say in this case Fiverr, and how that market of people are reading and interpreting ads. Then you need to write an ad and spin your experience to make it relevant and understandable to reflect the needs of the people browsing for gigs.

If you thought that there are a ton of college students in debate clubs or something maybe this would work better. But I would guess that the market of people looking through the speech writing gigs are small business owners, maybe a freelancer who has to go in and deliver a pitch to someone, as well as individuals needing to make a good speech for a family event or something like that. So in those peoples minds, all this “debate” stuff doesn’t help sell what you can offer.

But then that also begs the question, what kind of clients do you want? Do you want to work on a best man speech? Or help someone who is giving a lecture on their life coaching practice? Or someone who has to go give their upper level management a report on their division? Or who do you think the Fiverr market is that come here for speech writing services?

And remember we do not know who you are, so were not aware of the photo being of you, or where it was taken. I was just telling you what others may be interpreting it as. Plus it doesn’t give the image of getting up in front of an audience and delivering a great speech?

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Reply to @heyjoe421: with regard to video, it also helps on the buyers end since so many Fiverr people don’t even use their real names, having a video shows who you really are and makes you the seller much more real. Not just some anon person who says they have all these credentials. Only legit people would be willing to post a video…just another way video is interpreted.

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