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New on Fiverr hints on my gig?


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I just sign up 2 days ago! i was reading about fiverr on a blog site and i really like to check it out my self 🙂

I just found this forum only today and i wanted to make a post to see if some expert user can give me a hint or 2 on my gig for "Logo design"

thank you all in advance!!


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You have some grammar mistakes that you should correct, even though your not selling your ability to speak English, appearing as a native speaker will make you stand out.

Your corrected title should be:

I will create your logo and deliver fast, any size, any format for $5

I just started learning Photoshop a month ago, I still don’t know what a vector image is, much less a vector format, I opened Illustrator once by accident. Try to target people like me, people far less skilled, who don’t know what “PNG background transparent file” means, people who need to pay you for a logo. Use simpler terms that someone without any graphic design knowledge would understand, this will help you appeal to more potential customers.

I give you this advice for free, I usually charge for it, if it helps you in some meaningful way, consider my gig:


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