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I got scammed out of $15, I can't seem to contact Fiverr for a refund


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So I purchased a $5 gig from her https://www.fragglerock.com

It’s a website service that takes place on a daily basis for a total of 7 days.

I was happy with the first gig, so 2 weeks later I wanted to reorder, but found the gig was no longer available. I contacted her and asked where I can order 3 times more so that the service runs for 21 days.

She sent me this link here: https://www.fragglerock.com

telling me she has problems getting the other gig back online and I should order temporarily through that gig and simply buy it 3 times.

Before I ordered, we agreed on the terms for the service which would run for 21 days.

Afterwards I ordered that gig 3 times ($15) and she said she will start soon. After a week since purchase, the service has not started I contacted her, asking what is going on, she said she updated her server and will now start.

Again another week passed an no service delivered. (It’s a website service that is suppose to be on a daily basis for a total of 21 days).

She now ignores all contact and when I go to Resolution center, it tells me the gig was delivered 2 days after I ordered, which is not true, because she never even started.

The entire conversation took place here on Fiverr private message, so I am sure a Fiverr employee can verify this.

What can I do? I paid $15 and did not receive anything.

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Wow. I’m sorry it does sound like you’ve been scammed. You need to edit your post and remove the seller name, though. You aren’t supposed to call users out in forums. The seller will probably try to say that you were just giving her a tip. Fiverr doesn’t offer a good method for sellers to earn tips so we use a gig for it. They really need to create a tip function instead. Anyway, if you hurry and the messages say what you described I think Fiverr will return the funds to use on another gig. Start a help ticket with Fiverr Customer Support.

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