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Share your favorite Fiverr review (cheesy, anyone?)


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Hey guys,

I know this is gonna sound extremely cheesy, but I thought I’d start a thread where we can share that favorite review that we’ve gotten from buyers that totally made our day 🙂 I know we all have many… but let’s share one… or two 🙂

Alright here we go… I’m gonna start off with this review from one of my happy buyers that totally melted my heart… cheesy… I know…

"What a FANTASTIC and natural video. I can see this guy being an instant hit on fiverr with people who need excellent quality and professional videos done. Thank you so much for this video. New, but already one of the best!"

Here is another favorite of mine:

"Much better than expected and possibly the best video testimonial gig on Fiverr that I have encountered to date!! Ten Out Of Ten!! Thank You x 1000!!"

When I received such glowing praise my initial action was “You gotta be kidding me! Am I this good already!!!” LOL… needless to say, I had a big smile on my face the rest of the day… (cheesy)…

Ok, guys… time to share your favorite Fiverr buyer reviews! Let’s see who has gotten the funniest or cheesiest one!




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Hi Mike,

I must say that this is an intriguing post. Customer satisfaction should always be a seller’s priority before anything else, and when they leave honest reviews about their satisfaction, it truly makes a seller’s day.

Here’s a couple of my recent favorites:

"Let me just say how much of a BLESSING Mariaameen has been to my success!! She is AMAZING at communication on time delivery… she is AMAZING and i feel as if I knew her personally the way she took so much time and dedication to my work. So much care was taken in this process YOU’RE THE BEST!!! :)"


"This person is a rare gem and should be treated as such. Go forward with confidence; that she has the integrity and intelligence to provide you the right feedback for your work."

I appreciate each and every positive review I receive because it makes all the effort put into the work worth it. Sometimes, you get some reviews that you just like to go back to reading. 🙂

Congrats on your own uplifting reviews and I wish you much more success in your endeavors!

Best Regards,


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Nice Post.

i created my first gig some days ago i am designing Logos and other graphics. i got my first order and any my buyer was very happy after some modifications he satisfied and leave this great feed back and make my moral very high i love this First feedback.

Thanks So much Abi for this amazing Logo! i love it. you communicated very fast and well, listened and took corrections and delivered on time! it’s an Outstanding Experience! i would recommend you.

Thank you jayalexander208 for this great feed back… 🙂

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Thank you so much for sharing the positive reviews that you guys have received, and congratulations on your hard work paying off! I’ve come to believe after being on Fiverr for a while that even though I’m not making nearly as much money as I used to working a 9 to 5 job, my heart is thanking me for pursuing something that I truly enjoy, instead of working for a paycheck doing things that I absolutely despise of. Now whenever I get these great reviews from my customers on Fiverr, it’s reinforcing my determination to continue to work hard and do what I love.

And I’m just so thrilled to see you guys participating in this thread and sharing your reviews and stories. Please share more…

This is one I got the other day and it absolutely trumps any fat paycheck that I used to get holding that miserable and lifeless office job…



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