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Deadline Expired. Or is it?


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I’m currently a bit confused, and I’m hoping someone can help. I have this gig I’ve purchased in which the seller hasn’t communicated at all. As in, I received the standard text requesting information, I gave my information and I heard nothing. I added a question just asking the seller to let me know if they’d received the order and I heard nothing.

So anyway, it was a two day gig ordered on March 1st at 9:14 PM Melbourne (Australia) time, so 5:14 AM EST (March 1st) in the states. The two day deadline came and I didn’t receive anything, and now when I hover over the link it says "Deadline Expired. You may cancel the order."

I’ve never had to cancel a gig for being late before, but I assumed it would be fairly simple. However, when I open up the gig and go to resolve, it displays the text saying “Order approaching deadline: If not delivered shortly, you will be given the option to cancel”.

It is currently March 4th in both buyer’s and seller’s timezones for a two day gig ordered on March 1st.

Am I missing something here? Am I able to cancel it for being late and if so how?

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