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Apologies fragglesrock


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fragglesrock placed an order with me on 22nd Feb, and I ran out on an emergency on 21st eve without marking ‘on vacation’, what really pains me is the message that was left with my gig, it will haunt me thenceforth. Since, I can’t connect with fragglesrock on Fiverr, I am hoping you stumble upon this on the forum.

I am truly sorry, but I do hope that you found someone to do the picture for you. If you didn’t yet, I will take all my skills, and time to make it up to you. It was a wonderful photo, and I colored it still.

P.S: please use the ‘on vacation’ option. The guilt can be too much to bear.

Sheriff’s note: calling out names is not allowed in this forum.

P.S: Folks at Fiverr got back at me :’ ) I could deliver the end product to fragglesrock, my conscience sighed a relief

P.P.S: didn’t know about ‘calling out names’

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