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How to get started on fiverr quickly


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I’ve just joined fiverr in this month and have barely spent 30min-1hour every day over the website . I’ve heard people saying that “Fiverr is a waste of time” but its not if you are talented. I started my fiverr account and created a logo intro gig . I knew i wont gain any orders just by opening and closing my account so i started giving offers to customers and earned some orders. So few tips for new sellers which i would like to share-

  1. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE - Before starting with the selling stuff make sure you have nothing left blank in your profile. Fill up your profile correctly.Link your profile .

    2.-GIG INFO: Before making any gig checkout some gigs made by other people in the same category which you are making and take reference (DO NOT COPY) and try to make your gig look more attractive and possible do not try to add gig extras as you are just starting .

    3-SUBMIT YOUR OFFERS-Keep on submitting your offers until you gain a customer.

    4-Once you have gained a customer chat with the customer in detail about his/her requirements.Amaze the customers by giving them extra stuff under the $5 budget.


    5-Once the order is complete send client a message saying thankyou for ordering and you would love to work for the client in the future.


    If the client wants to cancel the order , ask his problems and if you can solve it thats pretty well otherwise politely tell him that you agree to cancel the order.( DO NOT SHOW BAD ATTITUDE THE CUSTOMER OTHERWISE HE/SHE MAY LEAVE A BAD REVIEW ON YOUR GIG)

    Customers love care… show them care by delivering your product before the deadline … Surprise them with extras.Tell the client to reccommend your gig to others if he like it…

    Follow these instructions and work hard…SUCCESS IS YOURS 🙂

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I disagree about the gig extras - if you can add relevant extras from the word “go,” you should do it. Speaking as a customer, the extras make the shelves look better stocked, if you get what I’m saying, and also gives me the impression that the seller is experienced and offers more than just one item.

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My “not so easy” strategy that worked. I wanted to be the greatest and nicest person someone would order from on Fiverr. I worked fast and hard. Never gave up on revisions. I told my wife she wouldn’t see me for about 60 days. That right, about 6am-10pm everyday for about 60 days. Straight through Christmas. That gave me the traction I needed. I knew where I wanted to be. Now I do about 2-6 hours a day and I love it.

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