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After reading some posts in the forums about it, I feel adding a Seller referral system may be a great way to give sellers a feeling of unity.

Maybe put a system in play that allows for sellers to go to a list of members to add as an alternate referrer if they cover something that the other seller doesn’t. this will also allow for a friend list to be implemented making things go easier.

OR put an auction style system in place allowing someone to place an ordered gig up for bid with others in the category who can do it. So seller A gets a gig he can’t do OR has too many other gigs to fulfill this one. Seller A then places it up for grabs on the bidding portal where others of that category can place a bid on it. So seller B sees this and places a 10% referral bid, Seller C places a 20% and so on . the % is what the seller A who posted it will receive of the gig sale for referring it.

hats my idea, I am sure others can run with it.

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