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Level 2 in 60 days from start without advertising


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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to touch base in regards to how easy it is to obtain your goals using fiverr. I personally learned from day one that it wouldn’t be easy and want to share 11 lessons learned that will help just about anyone. Sure advertising could help, but with no advertising I have had success thus far and I know I could do better.

Lesson 1:

Do not, I repeat do NOT try to set up a gig that violates the TOS of another third party site. Though fiverr offers many freedoms they will pull your gig for violating a TOS from another company or site. (Chance of losing your fiverr account also.)

Lesson 2:

Do not over qualify yourself when creating a gig. If you can’t or won’t do something then indicate it in the gig description. If someone orders a gig and expects something you don’t do or lack the know how to do, then let them know. Don’t be afraid to do a mutual cancelations with them. Though mutual cancelations don’t hurt much, too many will cost you business and possible level loss.

Lesson 3:

Don’t be discouraged. Sometimes buyers expect more work for the price you offer.

If you have a $5 gig and a buyer keeps wanting modifications and drags it out, do it. If you have gig extras for what they are trying to get from you, don’t be afraid to point it out to them respectfully and tactful. Sometimes buyers don’t realize it’s more and will be willing to upgrade the order.

Lesson 4:

Trust your resources. Learn more to use the forums and find answers to your problems, and if it’s not there make a new post and get mostly valuable information from other sellers who have been there dealing with your situation or might have great insite to it.

Lesson 5:

Make your account 100% complete. Add security questions, put your pay pal in, link your Facebook Gplus and email. Too many posts are here regarding accounts being hacked, fishing links going to sellers, money loss etc… prevent this with fiverr security measures.

Lesson 6:

Enjoy what you do. We all get buyers who give us a run for the work and we scramble to get the job right in fear of hurting our ratings. STOP. Do the work as if it’s a $100 piece of work due to showing you have quality and pride in what you do. Sometimes you will get a repeat customer and or word of mouth about their praise for the work you do. Yes some buyers don’t leave feedback that’s fine, remind them with a friendly note after completion. And if you get negative feedback contact them to see what you can do to get them to change it. Going that extra mile speaks loud to most buyers.

Lesson 7:

Don’t moan and groan when you feel Customer Support hasn’t responded to you on an issue. They have a lot on their plate and will eventually get to you. If it’s been a couple days and an issue is not resolved send them an update on your ticket. Ask if they had a chance yet to view your issue. You’d be surprised that you will get some sort of response. Good or bad you will know they do care about you.

Lesson 8:

Stack your money before withdrawing it. Example: PayPal takes $1.00 per transaction. So withdraw in larger increments and you will save money for when you need it most. I actually recommend pulling it out every two weeks or more if there’s enough then its like a regular job.

Lesson 9:

Being late isn’t always bad as long as your buyer knows and is updated frequently with statuses. Buyers understand somethings may take longer then expected when they order. Especially as in my case waiting on an item for a review. Be warned though going late for too long will allow buyers to cancel without it being a mutual cancelation and severely drop your ratings.

Lesson 10:

Consider your fellow sellers. If you get a message requesting something you don’t know how, referring the buyer to another seller is great. Especially if you know their work is good. Shoot them a message and let them know to be expecting the buyer. This not only shows we work together but builds your network. Fiverr is a community and we as sellers from it one way or the other.

Lesson 11

Sometimes buyers will order your gig, and never respond after you completed it. It happens and can be frustrating. If you are on the third day after completion and they haven’t closed it or rated you, send them a message reminding them before it auto completes the gig and there most likely will not be a rating from the buyer. Sometimes sending a reminder works and sometimes not. As you can see below in the attachments out of 168 gigs created only 135 rated it.

I hope this helps and others will post additional tips for everyone. But in the meantime know that you can make level 2 60 days from the start if you focus and do things right.

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Reply to @inspiredtony:

Well I don’t totally disagree with this reply, but If you follow through and do the security measures, and set up your paypal and all that it will be harder for a hacker to obtain your paypal payment without a notice of change sent to your email (which should be a different password to begin with). Even then it takes 24 hours before funds can be drawn after a change and you will get notice of the change as well.

But You are correct with smart hackers, they are out there. For those that think they have been hacked somehow, change your fiverr password immediately, and know its taken care of. Don’t use the same password as your email.

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