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Talk To Your Local Media For Free Promotion


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Hi guys. As a marketing and public relations expert, a lot of fiverr members ask me how to increase the awareness of the service they offer on Fiverr. As I explain to them they need to use social media, articles, and press releases to promote their services and gain orders, I thought I would share something with you that you should be doing.

If you have a local newspaper or radio station near your location, then contact them and let them know about your service. Instead of just saying this is what I do can I have some free publicity, think of something they would be interested in.

As an ex editor of a magazine, I can tell you the media are always looking for a great story. So, let me give you some ideas.

Here are some example.

43 Year Old Man Unemployed For Two Years Turns To Online Platform To Provide For His Family

Mother Of Two Says Good Bye To Debts Thanks To The Skills She Offers Online

These are just some examples. If you can come up with a good story, the media will run with it. This is the same with local radio.

If you have local newspapers and a radio station near you, do not be affraid to contact them. If you do not like writing a press release, then research what reporter covers what type of stories and give them a call. See if they have a few minutes for you and sell your self.

I hope this helps to increase your sales

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