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Bad Customer Service.....Someone Please Help


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Its been at least a month and a half now, i messaged the customer support like 3-4 times so far about this incident. What had happened was i posted 2 gigs a while back when i first started using Fiverr, they got denied. So i just started using my account for buying gigs, some of the gigs got canceled and now i have $85 worth of shopping i can do, but then Fiverr restricted my account for posting those gigs i posted a while back, i have not broken any type of rule other than that, they didn’t restrict my account back then, why do it now??? . i have only been using my account to buy gigs for about 2 months now. now i cant use my $85 i took out of my Paypal. yes thats real money…customer support has not messaged me back, i really need my $85 back. i feel like I’ve been scammed out of my money.

Horrible customer service if you ask me. i just want my money back, i cant use it cause my account has been restricted. i sent in requests to customer service but it looks like they removed them it cause it says i have no tickets open…

please can someone help me get my money back? this is really frustrating…

Thanks for your time - Abe

hopefully this doesn’t get taken down…

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Guest tn5rr2012

Abe thank you for posting and I am so sorry you have had a difficult time. There is not much we all can do here on the forums and you just need to keep trying to get in touch with Customer Support. There was something with your account that sent their alerts up and you will need to work it out with them. Good luck with all your endeavors.

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