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I'm so excited I've mistaken a message for an order!


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Hi everyone, just want to share my stupidity. Haha!

First of all, I’d like to share a lit bit of who I am. I’m Jan, a designer based in Manila, Philippines. I’ve been doing graphic design for the last 10 years producing quality work using practical, solid fundamentals and best practices on this industry.

I’m fairly new here as a seller. I’ve been aware of Fiverr for quite sometime and actually tried to do a logo gig last year here, but since the market is too saturated. I never had a single order. After I year. I came back to try again and here’s my experience on my first actual conversation with a buyer.

He sent me a message, Included the requirements I posted on my gig and he was asking me if I can do it. I was half-awake when I read the message (just got out of bed) and was too excited to do it. So I replied that I can. I did the job. Then sent the finished layout directly to him.

After a while. I realized my stupidity. Haha, I just did the job for free. So I sent the buyer a message politely to order the job. But he never did(yet). I’m not hoping much and not really that frustrated for the $5.

Katching! Charge to experience!

P.S. I think Fiverr needs to address this as a UX(user experience) problem. (Or not, because I’m the only stupid person who actually experienced this) 😛

Thank you for reading!

If you’re curious about the gig, you can check it out here.


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