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How to Create a Gig That Will Sell


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I see it all too often on Fiverr; sellers take a photo from Google, write a sentence or two and publish the gig. You could be offering to build and sell a house for $5 – it still wouldn’t sell. There’s much, much more of a formula that needs to be followed in order to produce a gig that will sell well on Fiverr.

Perhaps the most important selling point within a gig is its title. Your title needs to be as short as possible, whilst still stating what service you’re offering. You want your gig title to be able to fit on one line – if it doesn’t, it’s too long. Your title should also be to the point. It should be crystal clear to buyers what they can expect from your gig, just from the title.

Next, you need to carefully (or not so carefully, in some cases) consider what section of Fiverr your gig should be sold in. Remember, your gig can only be in one category, cross-posting will get your account sanctioned. It’s vitally important that you situate your gig correctly. Unlike other sites like eBay, on Fiverr most buyers search for gigs by selecting a category and browsing, rather than searching using keywords. By choosing the wrong category for your gig, you’re immediately cutting off a huge section of your target market.

Now comes the time to add images to your gig. When choosing images for your gig, make sure that they’re images you have produced. Countless sellers take images from Google and try to sell using them, it just doesn’t work. What’s more, is that the Fiverr editorial team will take your gig down, as this is a violation of the ToS. It’s important that your gig photographs really show off what you can do, as this is often the first thing a prospective buyer will set their eyes upon. Make your gig stand out from the rest.

Your gig description needs to make use of the entire character allowance. Make it clear why you’re the best candidate for the job, and detail specifically what is and what is not included in your gig. Use your gig description space to elaborate slightly on your available gig extras, and let your potential buyers know why they should select an optional extra alongside their base purchase. Be sure to sell yourself in the description, not just your service.

Be sure to select tags for your gig that are likely to be searched by someone who’s looking to purchase your service. It’s an idea to quickly read through your gig description, and choose your most commonly used keywords as tags. Be sure to use all five, it’s the tags which make your gig appear in searches!

The gig video is essential for securing sales. There are a few basic rules which must be followed, but beyond that, you’ve got the freedom to do as you wish. The video file must be under 50MB in size, and between 10 and 60 seconds long. You must have the rights to the music or vocal track used, and you need to include one of these two. Don’t forget that you must also state that the gig is available ‘exclusively on Fiverr’. All gig videos are reviewed by the Fiverr editorial team before they’re displayed, so there’s no getting past any of these requirements. Make sure to sell yourself in your gig video. Talk about your experience and why the service provided by you is better than an identical service provided by someone else. Most important here is your passion. If you enjoy your gig, your customers will like it too!

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