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How Can I get more buyers?


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Hey Oriana!

As fas as I know, there is no secret recipe or step by step istructions you can take to get more buyers.

It depends on many things, such as : how in demand are your services, how big is the competition, how well written are your gig description and so on.

What you can do is review some of the things I have mentioned above. Add a bit more SEO to your gigs - there is a nice post just on this on the forum - to make sure they pop out in searches. Upload some past work to showcase in your gigs to let the buyers know what you can do for them.

You could also use the “Buyer’s request” section and apply to requests suitable to your gigs. You only have 10 applications a day, but should be enough to get you started.

Last but not least, if you had previous buyers in the past, you could send them a message and offer a nice discount for another order.

This is how you build up, get positive reviews, rank higher and keep growing.

Hope you find my long post useful.

I wish you best of luck in your Fiverr experience,


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Guest sagarjha

Patience is the virtue of the wise.

Its only been 3 weeks. You should at least give fiverr couple of months. Be active, add more gigs to your portfolio and submit buyers requests.

Hope this helps.

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