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Copywrite Fraud


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What do you do when you find out the fiverr gig you purchased is being used in your work and sold in another country under someone else’s name? Uh, huh!

I’m suggesting you purchase a book cover, or get copy editing done, then you find your title or your story for sale in a foreign country without you on the work. Someone else making money off of your creativity, or work as it is. Sure there are copywrite laws, but who can prove it, and when they do, who can afford to chase it. Wht do you do when it is epidemic and thousands and millions of artist are losing their work just for hiring a gig? Feedback welcome…

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Guest mcromano

I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to ask.

1 ) Is your work used by the seller in illegitimate ways?

2 ) Are you a seller and found your work used by a buyer in illegitimate ways?

If nr. 2, then you can do absolutely nothing about it. You waive off copyright once you deliver your work through fiverr.

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