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Today I made my first 50 Dollars and I am donating everything to charity


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Yes ! Believe it or not - I’ve been around 2 weeks on Fiverr and I just made my first 50 bucks today (Actually $58) through this gig: http://fiverr.com/cheesybarnstar/write-a-high-quality-250-word-blog-post

I write professionally offline. But I do this gig for fun. I am American, but I will donate this money to a charity in rural India in support of education for tribal girls (as soon as it is ready for withdrawal). It’s not a big sum but I hope it will make a little difference. I am not rich but I earn enough money in real life to get by. So whatever “extra” money I get from fiverr, I have decided to donate most of it.

I’ll very soon post more details of the charity I am supporting so that interested people can chip in.

Best wishes ! Please collect my gig as a goodwill gesture.

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