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Please, educate buyers on the usage of the site and on reading descriptions


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I’ve had several buyers order without reading any of the specifications of the gig. I’ve had to ask them to order the appropriate extras according to their needs. Upon this request most of them go out and order a new gig instead of adding the extras to the existing gig, and then a good chunk of them fail to submit the information and the gigs that should have been extras never become active. Not only that, but they order another gig WITH the extras that should have been included originally, and in the process get overcharged. It’s a complete mess. It’s incredibly frustrating and it’s not an isolated problem.

I’ve made my gigs as simple and easy to understand as possible but there’s only so much I can do.

PLEASE, make them read the description of gigs before ordering.

PLEASE educate them on the usage of the site and the extras on signup.

PLEASE make the process a little more fail-proof.

Fiverr takes 20% of the order for processing fees, while most other freelancing sites take 10% or less. For 20%, everything should be working spectacularly, and it’s not.



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