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Ever Ask for a "Custom Offer" from Sellers?


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8050eafd1bcbb6066b5deb4b739627.png.4d20e1c0d6ac4e92b24f3db5ca96b02b.pngAlthough it isn’t used often, any buyer can request a “Custom Offer” from sellers. Even new sellers can create Custom Offers up to $325! Level 1 Sellers up to $1,500. Its goes up to $10,000 max for level 2 sellers.

Buyers can request a “Custom Offer” from sellers at any time and it can relate to a gig that they offer or not. It helps to ask for a “Custom Offer” from a seller by putting it in quotes so that the seller will know to use the “Send a Custom Offer” button to create an offer that is unique for the buyer.

You might say, “Send me a ‘Custom Offer’ of your 3 best gigs combined”; if the seller has multiple gigs that are similar.

This can save you money if you are planning on putting in a larger order or an order with multiple options because you can bargain with the seller.

You should mention how quickly you need the gig delivered and when you plan on placing the order. Your seller will need to know this info to create your custom offer.

The seller can then easily help you out but quickly creating a “Custom Offer” that they can send to you via a link through fiverr.com

Fiverr has made a Google Chrome Extension to make it easy for sellers to create “Custom Offers” for buyers. They can even share this “Custom Offer” on social media or on any website with an embed code.


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