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Fiverr Will Pay-Off In The End


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 It's been just about a week since i joined fiverr, and i want to be something really different, like amazingly different ... like in my services, i know my gigs may be a little kind of corny but even so, they are the special type of corny.<br />

I've been reading tips and stories for countless hours and i've edited each and everyone of my gigs atleast 10 times each, just because i want to get a detailed description with good keywords and optimised tags.


At one point i was about to quit and just say well isn't it only just $5, but then i thought ... what about those who have been here for months or even years without a single sale and have not given up, that gave me an instant boost, i have optimised all my gigs to the point where i'm stuck and don't know what to adjust anymore. i can't blame myself for impatience, loool i play point guard and my game style is like derrick rose so i'm all about that fast pace haha ;)


Still i can't help but fill like i haven't done enough, can someone look at my profile and tell me what else i could change or improve on because i'm stuck. I'm one impatient fellow i know but you have too admire that ambition huh?


If you can just skip/forget how cocky i'm sounding (i think), you could help me improve myself and be the reason for someone's success story.



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Pick one gig to focus on. Make sure that you see other people selling the same thing with success. They will have many reviews and orders in their queue. If selling likes, followers, etc is against the terms of the individual websites, it is against the Tos of fiverr.

You need to get a friend that needs your service to buy your gig and place a 5star rating. This will get you started. People don’t want to be your first sell.

Know you competition and offer more with faster deliver.

Stay online with the fiverr app

Communicate fast and well

Good luck!

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