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How to use Fiverr to start your Business


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Most of the people in this world who are employed are not satisfied from their job profile. Some may be stuck with financial security excuse or other numerous excuses. the very simple ingredient to start your business will be desire and commitment to start your business. One should not take it as a cakewalk but always keep in mind its the journey that makes the destination worthwhile.

Fiverr is a boon to all such people. once can kick-start their business from proper use of the gigs.

  1. For any business to start, one should get down to brainstorm with a business advisor so that you will get clear picture.
  2. After discussion with business advisor consult a legal expert who can walk you through all the legal formalities necessary for the business to be in line to local government norms.
  3. Now comes the phase of product development. It may be developing new product or modifying an old one or even securing a proper franchise model or reselling model suiting your passion, demographics of your location and financial condition.
  4. Once you are ready with product line or prototype, you can go back to business advisor along with branding and marketing advisor to assist you in proper plan of action for feasibility of product, strategy plans for selling products, marketing as well as branding of your business.
  5. Look out for the gigs available on Fiverr as most of the experts are here and they will help you as per the requirements.
  6. Be persistence.

    Disclaimer- I am a business advisor and offer my services on Fiverr as well.

    Share your experiences and stories.
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Thank you Service Tier for your comment.

I would love to feature those people in my next discussion once I get to know more of them. Although I will showcase some plans that one can implement to launch their business with the help of fiverr.

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