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I guess this is a dry season I am not getting orders what about you?


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I’m a new seller on Fiverr - not even out of my first month - and it’s been a rollercoaster. I had five orders in the first few days, then nothing for over 10 days, and an order yesterday. I’ve been analyzing other sellers, and particularly other sellers in my category, and what I’ve found is this:

  1. Deliver a great product. Customers want pure awesome-sauce for $5, and if you’re not giving that, they’ll go somewhere else.

  2. Customer service. It sounds silly, but you have to make your customer believe that he or she is the most important person in the entire world. Communicate quickly and be charming - you have to make them feel special and important.

  3. Fast delivery. All your customers will want to be priority #1. Obviously, you can’t do that, so you have to show a minimum standard delivery time of at least 2 days. Finish your gig half the time or sooner than your standard delivery, and they’ll be delighted at the fast delivery. Plus, you can offer the extra-fast delivery option for more money.

  4. Leave unique feedback to every review. Your sellers read this every single time before they buy anything from you, and this is your first chance to show them how you interact with your customers.

  5. If you’re not getting views, it could be because you’ve only got one gig. Diversify your portfolio and create multiple gigs in the same category. This will net you more impressions and ultimately more clicks. If you wrote a solid gig title and description, uploaded a relevant video and great pictures, then these clicks should convert. I’ve been in a dry spell lately, too, and for a while I only had one gig. I created a second gig, and although it didn’t make the sale, I’m certain that it helped promote my first gig which did make the sale. I’m writing three more gigs and they’ll be up soon, so do like the pros and cast a wide net to catch more fish.

  6. If you’re a writer, start a blog and use it to promote your Fiverr page. If you don’t like to write and enjoy speaking, start a podcast. Or if you enjoy video, do regular Google Hangouts and make use of your YouTube channel. Strangely, Google and Facebook ad campaigns haven’t done much good for me: external visitors don’t seem to convert well, and Fiverr’s internal marketing system seems to work fine.

  7. Offer a money-back guarantee. No matter how small an amount $5 has become in today’s world, for a lot of us it’s still something we don’t want to risk on a bad experience. Promise your customer that you’ll respect their money and if you can’t make their order right, then give them a refund. A mutual cancellation is a lot better than a negative review, and your customers will appreciate knowing that you won’t try to strong-arm them.

  8. Cold-call. If you’re getting no orders, you can always troll the reviews left by customers on other sellers’ gigs in your category. Send them invitations to learn more about your service, but be as nice as possible: cold calling via email is still spam email, and nobody likes spam. You have to be really charming to pull this off without offending your customers.

  9. Make it matchy-matchy. Write your gig so that the title, description, and tags all match. Having at least one of the same key-words in all three areas helps your search ranking on Fiverr.

  10. Positive reviews are magnetic. Nobody wants to be first to buy something, so good reviews build confidence and make customers more likely to buy. Do everything possible to take care of your customers and earn their 100% positive, five-star reviews, and don’t start buying or creating fake reviews. If your work’s not outstanding, and you get a negative review, other customers will see through the fake reviews and figure out that you’re padding your own gigs.
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