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Ensuring your seller is a right fit for you


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As a buyer it is hard to find that perfect seller. Sure Ratings are impressive and you want the best for your buck. In this case 5 bucks. Some buyers will only look for sellers with Top Rated Sellers status or level 2 sellers and want what they have because their ratings speak loudly. Though this is true, don’t exclude level 1’s and newer members starting out. You’d be surprised at the quality they can also bring to the table.

Read through the descriptions of their gigs carefully and decide whether or not they will be a right fit for your needs. Sometimes you might need a little more then what they can offer you.

Below are some ordering steps I would recommend before ordering:

  1. Read the Description thoroughly.

  2. Check their response time while taking account for time zone differences.

  3. If questionable, contact the seller via the messaging system prior to your order and ask questions regarding what you want.

  4. Send messages to multiple sellers who offer the gig to get responses and choose the best one based on the responses and response times.

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for more examples of their work if needed

  6. Don’t just focus on the sellers level but focus on what they can offer you

  7. Take note that if a gig is new and the seller is new there will be no ratings, They are starting out and could surprise you with their quality of work. They tend to work hard to prove themselves to the fiverr seller community. (be their first positive review to help them gain more business.)

  8. Be as thorough as you can with describing what you want from the seller - Do it from the start either with messaging or description of what you want after a purchase.

  9. Reality check - a $5 gig is something that should not take a long time for someone to do but you get what you pay for. -Don’t expect $50 worth of work for $5. Pay the gig extras if present in gig for more of what they can offer you.

  10. Ask yourself what would you do if someone paid you $5 for some work, this way you can see it from the sellers point of view.

  11. Request modifications from the seller if needed. Sellers will usually modify work unless posted otherwise in their gig description. A sellers job is to provide you with as good quality as they can for the time and money spent on a gig.

  12. Don’t be mean and give bad ratings without giving the seller a chance to rectify issues you may have with their work.

  13. the cancel isn’t to be a get out of jail free card or to rip off sellers who did the work for you. Its meant to be used if there was a mistake in the order, the seller FAILED to provide the work or a mutual cancellation is requested for something ordered that just isn’t doable by the seller.

    These are but a few tips I can offer you and I am sure other sellers will pitch in here or there…

    Don’t be discouraged and give all sellers a chance to provide you with some work. Don’t limit your search unless of course you have preferred sellers as a return customer. Keep giggling gigs, and keep the Fiverr momentum going.
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Finding a talented newbie or level 1 seller can be like finding gold dust. Many are prepared to work harder and provide better customer service as they’re looking to establish themselves. You can barter with them a little more, you know?

All in all though, great list! I like seeing established sellers coming back and sharing their knowledge.

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