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3 ways to make your Seller give you top quality!


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Hi Buyers, This going to be a very short but useful advice for all Buyers on fiverr.com

Since every buyer is always looking for quality and professionally done projects, its of utmost importance that you know and make use of these 3 factors that will help you get the very best of sellers on fiverr.

  1. Do not look for the Cheapest Seller:

    That fiverr services start from $5 doesn’t mean you must insist in paying just 5 bucks for a $100 work. Most buyers who keep looking for extra-ordinarily cheap sellers, end up getting their fingers burnt.

    I’ve had a client who actually took his job to another seller because I charged him the standard price and after getting disappointed by the mediocre cheap graphics designer, He came back systematically begging to give me the job at a cheaper price than I first charged him. I just accepted the work and help him.

    So, look for the best, look for an expert and stop giving your hard-earned money and very important projects to some damn cheap designer!

  2. Communicate and Provide as much Info as possible:

    We as sellers don’t work well when we do not have clear instructions or we’re expected to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

    To get the very best, you need to give your seller all the information that will help him/her achieve your visual dream of getting the very best!

  3. Use kind words, Inspire and Be grateful for your Clients efforts:

    My best clients are those who use words like: “Do your Magic!”, “I love your Work!”, “You’re the best” and so on.

    These words are engraved in my heart and make we want to do more for such client. I usually go out of my way to over-deliver to clients who are more friendly, who value my work and who encourage me all the time.

    I had a client who I did a $15 work for and when he wanted to request for modification to his first delivery, he went as far as using the words"This is Terrible!", “Am Disappointed!” and all sorts of annoying words!

    I didn’t even reply him, I just cancelled his order straight away!

    So, make sure your use of words are carefully selected. Your sellers are also human beings and they are professionals with personal feelings and Integrity. Do not look down on them because you’re giving them a fiverr Dollar job! We’re more than That!


    To get the best out of your seller, you need to be the best buyer the seller has ever met!

    They say respect and recognition is reciprocal, that’s the key to making a successful project work and continue to get the best from your Sellers!

    If you Check out my Gig reviews, you’ll see the effect of my great relationship with my clients. That’s what you need to do and you’ll always get the very best of service.

    Thanks for reading through,

    Going back to work!

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Reply to @fonthaunt: Am sure the post was not meant for you. So, please let the buyers comment if its useful to them or not.

I see a lot of junk posts here on the community and even people who comment like 50 times on their own posts and you don’t say anything, so why the beef? 😦

If you don’t like the post, just skip it!



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Reply to @graphics_pro360: Since you posted on a public forum and I am a buyer as well as a seller, so if the tip wasn’t meant for me it wasn’t meant for anyone. I have purchased around 14 gigs so far. It has been a couple of days since my comment and perhaps you added to the post and maybe removed the signature image? If so, well done. The post I see by you now looks OK so if you didn’t change it, I may have found it hard to read due to the graphic or I could have responded to the wrong post. If I was mistaken, I apologize.

I do comment on spam posts if I think the person might be able and interested in learning. If I don’t think that, I just flag them, but that’s another kind of response that you don’t see. You write quite well and you seem to have good reading comprehension so I think you deserve responses. I don’t have a beef with you personally.

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Good tips! I would also add: CONTACT THE SELLER FIRST! That makes me feel like I am working with someone who has sense since my gig is not something you can just go to a convenience store and choose off of a shelf. We have to develop standards for delivery and that is done best with communication prior to any money being exchanged.

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Reply to @gazsocial: Alright ma’am. I’ll be expecting your order.

Maybe you can send me a copy of the old design and I’ll see how we can improve on it and give you a quote if the job is going to be a little complex.

But am sure you’re gonna love my final finishing.

Thanks for picking interest in what I do.



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Guest rfoxwell

Great article. I agree that consistent and clear communication is vital to getting those excellent ratings. People hate to be out of the loop. And although Fiverr limits personal factors, I still find that delivering superior customer service through my communication creates happy buyers. Thanks for your thoughts!

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There’s a black hat crowd out there that knows if they beat up the seller they may be able to get more work thrown in or even get it for free. This idea has been knocked about in forums for several years but more recently seems to be showing up a lot in seller comments.

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