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You worked hard, spent time and skills, client cancelled the order and u got zero money


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Now consider the scenario:

I am offering good logo service with package in $25, what people are doing is they take all the logos, all sizes and full optimized images after 2 revisions when they are fully satisfied. And knowing that no one will accept negative review, they post a negative review in order to force worker to refund the payment.

Now when I have delivered more than 10 logos and i get a negative review then obviously i have to refund to save my rating. And they take the advantage of this flaw and this is happening too frequently with me which never happened before.

Atleast where fiverr takes some amount, fiverr must also give percentage to the worker who worked on the project even after cancellation from the amount client paid. or it must have some option where user can say that if you cancel the order this much percentage will be refunded.

This is not fair at all that he/she takes all the work and effort and left you with 0 cent in pocket.

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Hi hfarazm,

Two days I experienced a similar situation. A buyer, who happens to be a seller here on fiverr with many gigs, ordered my gig and asked me to provide more than my gig description offers. I accepted to work harder in order to please her. It took me almost a day to complete the order and then when I delivered she asked for more. I worked one more day to complete the job and satisfy the customer but when I re-delivered she gave me a bad review so I had to cancel the order to save my reputation.

My question is how do we get protected from other sellers who try to spoil our reputation? Anyway, I immediately contacted fiverr support and reported her. Is there any one here who knows how to deal with those bad people who steal our work?

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This may sound odd but you can show them the watermarked versions of the logos till they are satisfied.

Also mention in the description that this will be done while the order is in progress so that they are not offended or anything.

And when they are satisfied, deliver the source files and remove the watermarks.

Once they agree, you have something as a proof which you can use with the support.

So when the buyer tries to cancel, just open a case in resolution centre.

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