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I receive this message


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I guys I need some help recently I have received a message from a person he was asking to me.

"Hey there,

I will buy your 2 gigs from 2 different account and will post 5 star ratings too, in exchange u just need to buy only 1 gig of mine.

Is this any kind of job that u r interested to do, let me know.

Cheers :)"

In reply i asked him that what is benefit you will get if i buy your 1 gig and in reply he ask to me

"well, I have some benefit for sure, thats why i am offering this job. if u r interested we can start. and if u want i can buy ur 2/4/6/8 as much as u want, but for every 2 gigs i buy for u … u need to buy one for me. Cool and fair enough, right! :)"

So tell me there is any fraud or anything else not understand with his offer…


Osman shahbaz


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