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Insight from a level 2 seller


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  1. How to get an order as a newcomer ?




    As a newcomer you have an advantage, as soon as you activate your gig you will be listed on top as a newcomer. You need to make the best of that. It can make or break a succesful seller on fiverr. Considering that, before you activate your gig, do your research, make sure the gig’s image and description meets the standards, offer freebies for limited time, anything that will give you a chance to show what you can do.




    It is not enough to create a gig. You need to research your domain, see what works for others in that domain, make what works for others work for you aswel (Do not copycat WRONG!). The way your gig looks and the way you present it plays an important role.




    As you start your journey on fiverr, you need to understand that buyers will need to feel safe and secure with what you have to offer before purchasing. A way to make that happen is to have a portfolio, but since you are just starting, a good way to aproach it is to offer more than the competitors without hindering the market. That will hopefully help you build a portfolio your image as a seller, which will help a buyer understand what he gets if he orders.




    Still not getting any orders ? Keep researching, keep tweaking your gigs to meet market demands. The better quality you offer the more orders you will have.



  2. Most important things on fiverr.



  • Keep a clean profile 5stars if possible, reflecting the work you do of course. That is your strongest tool in my opinion.



  • Do not act like everything spins around you. Your client, your master. It does apply. You must do anything and over to make sure that what you deliver is exactly or above what the buyer needs. Open up to your buyers, explain when delays show up, don’t hesitate to offer a refund if the case. You will run in all sorts of people, good, bad. Be honest treat the buyer like a friend and offer them everything. < Before doing all this, be sure to take safety measures like: send messages with samples before delivering, so the buyer agrees to it. If your intent is honest in most cases it will reflect in how well you are doing on fiverr.com



  • Once you start getting orders, keep the momentum, do not loose it, deliver fast, and meet the standards. Balance free time and work time to what you find comfortable. Be aware of what happens on fiverr at all times.



  • Always aim to offer Quality over Quantity… as quality will build quantity… (it does not apply in some cases 😃 some sellers have momentum on their side and they kept it for years and years even if the quality lacks, they get orders because they already have a lot of orders in queue and that makes one think: “well if so much people buy from this guy/girl he must be really good, I will buy aswel”. not always the best option)


    I hope this helps, and makes sense.













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