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Los Angeles, California FIVERR TEAM UP MEET UP + Parties


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I like to consider myself a successful fiverr seller and I get daily sales on fiverr. I have many happy clients that keep coming back! I strictly tell them to ONLY use fiverr for our orders…

I’m looking to form a “Meet Up” type of group for FIVERR sellers in the Los Angeles Area.

“Like-minded” friendly people who don’t have an ego. 😉

I would like to start and meet a separate group of people apart from those who have attended the “Fiverr Parties”. For those sellers who do not know, there are actually fiverr mixers in Major Cities that only a “selected” few people get to attend.

Well THIS is for the rest of us!

We can discuss and share ideas on fiverr marketing, advertising, branding, search engines, cross promote each other on fiverr and anything else!

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