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This month i earned $132 Still Now Happy Sharing


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This month i earned $132 Still now. I am happy and my aim is to get $2000 Per month. Soon i will reach thanks fiverr.

MY Works:

  1. Wake up daily morning and login my fiverr account.
  2. I see 3 or 5 orders ( Every morning i feel happy )
  3. And complete my breakfast.
  4. Start working on orders.
  5. Completing each order in time and delivered.
  6. After in my spare time i learn many advanced about my work.
  7. Read forum in fiverr some hours daily.
  8. I am getting some ideas while reading forum.
  9. In between working hours there may be 2 or 3 orders will come. So i start and complete on the same day.
  10. Enjoy more time with my family and friends. Because fiverr give me freedom to work. I can work any time. So there i had more time to spent with my loveable family.
  11. And our family together and take dinner together with happy.
  12. Then i check my fiverr account before go to bed.

    ***************** SO MY DAY START WITH HAPPY END WITH HAPPY***************

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Today Updates :

Available Balance : $83

Pending : $140

Upcoming : $20

This month : $156

totally : $272

Today one order canceled by fiverr team because that user was banned i think so $8 back to fiverr. Its not my fault Its user fault. But my rating is still 99%.

And 5 new message regarding my process. So i hope they order 2marrow.

Thanks to fiverr.

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Just a word of warning from a seller who has been here over three years. disclosing personal info such as how much you make, your daily routine etc. can open yourself up to some unwanted discussions. People here come from all walks of life and like anywhere there are shady people here as sellers and buyers. Just letting you know, ignorance doesn’t always equate to bliss.

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