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Providing best gig on fiverr still no sale :( . Need your suggestions


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I am proving the best android application development, website development, seo, homework service but still has no sales , please suggest where to promote services like android application development. Most users on social networking sites don’t need any android application.

Also fiverr does not have services like promotion on fiverr.com. So guyz please suggest me.

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Guest paulinej

Hi Amit,

I see you’ve had a few sales - congratulations!

It might help to have a copywriter go over your descriptions and headlines. I notice on your service related to Google Analytics, for example, you have the word “analytics” spelled incorrectly in the headline, which makes it harder for people to find you. 🙂

But beyond just proofreading, you could definitely do a better job with your service descriptions and market yourself more effectively!

From a marketing perspective, remember to focus on the benefits you provide your clients, not just the features. It’s harder for those in technical fields sometimes to remember that most customers buy based on emotion and the answer to the question, "what’s in it for me?"

So for instance - in your gig related to Google Analytics, you might describe the problem you solve instead of just what you’re doing. You might do something like this:

Confused by Google Analytics?

If you’re letting your overwhelm about Google Analytics keep you from using, your web based business isn’t growing as fast as it should, and it’s taking money out of your pocket!

Stop robbing yourself of much-deserved profits - I can help!

(and then talk about some of the details of what your gig offers).

Make sense?

Good luck!

Kind regards,


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I don’t think enough can be said for gig graphics, In my opinion this is one of the most important aspects of getting views to your gig… because if you don’t have eye catching graphics nobody is going to click on your gig in the first place. Use the gig graphics as an extension to the description of your gig and try to make your graphics better than the competition 🙂

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