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Is these numbers good enough? Lets do some maths

Guest inkbridge

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Guest inkbridge

Hello Folks… 🙂

I was trying to figure out what these numbers mean and how they can help me figure out what’s missing in my gig. #:-S

One of my gig has the following statistics:

959 Impressions

113 Clicks


5 Orders

0 Cancellations

Is this a good figure? Can anyone tell me what will be the Impression: Click: view ratio for a healthy GIG? :-B

Here are some of my thoughts, please enlighten me if I am Wrong… -🙂

:-bd Out of 157 views 113 clicked at the GIG in search page. That is aprox 71%… That is I must have a good Title and thumbnail picture. Which made them click on my gig…

:-q But only 5 orders were created from this 113 clicks. That is less than 5%… Which means I don’t have a good description/ service details/ I failed to meet the expectation of the buyer.

^#(^ 157 views out of 959 impressions. That is around 16%. Which means my gig is showing up somewhat towards the bottom of the result page.

) In short: I need to improve my gig for “Fiverr search bot” in order to push myself to the top of the Search result page.

I have a Good Title and thumbnail since it succeeded to capture the attention made them click on my GIG.

I need to improve my description and I need to be clearer about my services so that those who clicked will see what exactly they were hoping for.

Please let me know your comments on this… 🙂

Thanks in advance

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