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How to avoid confusion when ordering multiple gigs and gig extras


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As most of you know, you aren’t able to purchase multiple gigs and gig extras on Fiverr which can cause problems, confusion and delay delivery times. People don’t buy the correct amount of gigs, then when they do they don’t type anything in the new order, so you have to wait longer before you can start work, then if they haven’t sent you a direct message these orders aren’t linked, or they buy on the wrong gig so then you have to confirm which gig they wanted etc… Sound familiar to anyone?

I’ve been on Fiverr for just over a year and have tried lots of different ways to get around this as it’s a big issue for me. None have been very successful and some have seemed to cause buyers to get more confused… (whoops!) That is, until now!

I think I’ve finally found a great way to get around this issue, I’ve tested it for about 2 weeks now and it’s made a huge difference already!

I used my gig images to create a “menu” option. You can see an example on my gig here: http://fiverr.com/kymmypops/make-a-video-testimonial

So buyers simply add their SCRIPT COST to the EXTRA COST (listed in the menu) and pay for the TOTAL COST by clicking order more than one.

I still get people ask me things like “what’s a gig?” lol but it’s cut down confusion, simplified the whole buying process and saves me time too as it’s cut down the number of messages I get with people asking me for quotes or to clarify the ordering process. A lot of people pay for business suit and HD so they’re available to add on as normal gig extras but it’s made a big difference, I recommend trying it out. Ya know, until Fiverr allow multiple gigs and extras… 😉

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Reply to @kiffinyjean: As a Level 1, you now have extras. However, you are unable to order extras, and multiple gigs at the same time.

For example, If a buyer wants 4 audio clips from your gig, plus 4x proof reading their script (with your extra “I will completely correct your script to perfect American English or line up my voice exactly to your video”), they are actually unable to process this, they cannot select multiple gigs and extras in the same order. This personally isn’t really an issue for me, but I hear it is a big problem for a lot of video and audio sellers

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