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Tips to Make A Gig in 2015


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Need more sales? Help making your gig? Want to know what impresses buyers? This post will help!

This post is to hopefully help sellers find the answers they need. THIS IS NOT ALL MY OWN! I have collected these tips from across the forums so they are all in one place. Please be aware that the forum on Fiverr is not a way to contact Customer Support :

This discussion is not a location for you to promote your gigs. Please promote your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category of the forums.

~.~Creating A Gig~.~

To create a gig, click “Sales” on the top bar of the Fiverr page, then the green “Create Gig” button on the right side.

• An Enchanted Title

Do not explain everything you are going to do in your title, it just makes it cluttered and it will cut off the words strangely in a link. A wonderful Top-Seller here made the best statement for this. “When a buyer clicks on your gig, there should be no surprises.” This means you need to keep your title direct and to the point.

• The Right Department (Categories)

You don’t go to the kitchen appliances section of a department store to look for shoes (at least, I hope not), so don’t try to place your gig into a category and subcategory which would not make sense from a buyer’s view. Do not make the same gig for two different categories!

• Showing Off Your Talent (Pictures)

The gig gallery is where you upload images to represent your gig. Images must be in JPEG format, 682 pixels wide x 459 pixels high and no more than 2MB each. Your image cannot be a stock image or something you do not own the copyrights to.

• Your Full Offer (Description)

Your description needs to contain as much useful information as possible in less than 1,200 characters, which is roughly 200 words. Don’t just restate your gig offer and your credentials, include a bullet-point list of what exactly they will receive when they order.

• Keywords & Tags

You have five(5) tags available to you, which can be multiple words or a single word.

• Express Yourself (Video)

Videos are submitted for review by Fiverr before they are public, so don’t panic if you do not see your video right away. Patience is all part of the process.

Here are the video specifications:

  1. under 50MB
  2. ‘high quality’
  3. Length over 15 seconds but under 60 seconds
  4. Must have some sort of soundtrack (either voice over or music which you own the rights to use)
  5. Must include “Exclusive on Fiverr” stated either vocally or in easy-to-read text
  6. Any images/footage used must be your own or you have the rights to use -

    See more https://www.fiverr.com/rocketservice01/make-a-manually-video-submission-on-45-high-pr-9-to-4-video-sharing-sites

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