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Optimize your gig for showing your gig at top at searching page


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When a buyer needs any service from fiverr.com he search for it and usually he makes choice from the top of the list. Buyer observes the top list of search engine and then he select. So it becomes easy to sell, if your gig shows among the top of the list. Here are some tips to show your gig at the top of search engine.

  1. Use an attractive title for your gig. If your title is attractive then people will fell interest to have a look of it. Try to use important keyword in your title for easy search.
  2. When you tag, use related keyword.
  3. If you use image, people will fell attract to see. Generally people fell interest for new things, so always try to use new concept for your gig.
  4. From the last year of fiverr’s statistics we have come to know that gigs with video has gone for sell is in high ratio. Not only that the statistics also shows those video were created by the freelancer himself and these types of gigs were high seller gigs. The most important thing is they have increased their sell about 96% at the same time, those gigs were made by text, image , effect and animation increased their sell about 84% in music and audio category increase their sell which was quite unbelievable their rang was about 418% so I hope the important of attach video in gig is clear enough.

    – There are some rules about attaching video in gig for fiverr.com

  5. The first important thing about video is time limits. The video should be completed by 1 minute. Be careful don’t exit the time limits.
  6. “Exclusive on Fiverr” this sentence must be used on gig. It can be used by text or by voice or by image. But keep it in your mind this sentence must be used in anyway.
  7. If the video reject for three times then you can’t use any video in gig anymore. Usually video rejects for number 1 and 2 reason.
  8. Video must be created on gig’s topic.
  9. You can attach one video in more than one gig.
  10. After attaching video generally it shows on gig in 24 hours.
  11. After publishing you can change video as many times as you want. You can also create your thumbnail as you wish.

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