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Can't Upload Picture (IO Error?) Please Help!


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Hey guys, please help this newbie!

So I promised a buyer I’ll submit his order today (although my gig time is 5 days but I did promise so i have to right?) but I can’t upload anything. Whether in the delivery or message section I can’t upload.

For the past days I’ve been having a message error but I was still able to send orders. But now I can’t even attach a picture. The message IO Error is always appearing. Not on a different screen but on the delivery menu itself beside the upload option. Can anyone please help?

I’ve message the support but I’m not sure if they’ll be able to reply immediately as I really need help now.

Thanks so much everyone 🙂

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I face this many times too but I deal with it with Super Command.

Download Ccleaner at www.filehippo.com to remove all cookies and the likes from your system regularly.

Dowlnoad Torch browser as it is even better than Chrome!!

How about free web storage utility?

You can try mediafire.com

Just upload your main deivery there in your account and give the download link to oyur dear buyer. After you are sure your buyer have finished downloading everything, you may choose to kill the link.

Hope these few tips helps.

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Reply to @madmoo: Thanks so much for the reply 🙂 But it’s all good now. I was able to deliver the order finally just now. But I’m still getting that other error message. I had to refresh and resend once again. Still at least now it was sent. And no the file size is pretty good, just 1mb. And I think I’ve done everything you’ve said a while back and even apologized to my buyer already. I’m not really sure what happened. But I do hope it doesn’t happen again. At least not during these cases 🙂

Thanks again 🙂

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Reply to @madmoo: Then I guess I should be more prepared for times like this 🙂 I’ll try to always submit earlier like you’ve said and I think I may consider extending my deadline as well.

And yes your tips helped a lot. Thanks 🙂

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