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Whoop ! Whop ! Just created 1,000 orders on Fiverr with 100% positive feedback


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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing good.

I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this.

I just finished the 1000th order of building a website for my client.

I want to thank Fiverr and each and everyone of you who helped me with your suggestions to get me going on here.

I’m sure many have shared the tips for fellow sellers here, but I would like to add some from my side 🙂 .

1: Respect your buyers and every user here on Fiverr.

If you are rude or go with a negative attitude towards your buyers then all you will get in return is a negativity all around you.

2: If you are late in delivering an order, don’t be ashamed to apologize for your late delivery and be kind to explain as to why you were late.

Many buyers will understand your situation.

3: Be kind with the Customer Support, try to explain your query in one ticket and be descriptive.

Submitting duplicate tickets will simply cause their system to flood and would result delay in response.

4: If you are a new seller, trust me if you are not getting a order, don’t sit idle and think that orders will keep coming.

Look at your own gigs, it’s description, images/videos etc. and think with a buyer’s perspective whether or not you would have purchased any of these gig if you were a buyer.

I hope this helps you all.

I’m sorry if I said anything wrong in here.

My next stop is TRS 😉

Thank you very much.

Peace and love to you all.

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So you’ve never gotten 3.5 stars and a buyer that writes “Satisfactory Experience”? You’ve never had buyers that write negative reviews without demanding a modification? I’m very impressed, and surprised.

P.S. Be careful with being late, if you are late, it’s very easy for a buyer to do a forced cancellation, and that will count as a negative review.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: Hello sir,

No, I never had a buyer who wrote me a negative review without demanding a modification.

I did get a 4 star rating recently on one of my gig but never a 3.5 star.

Once it happened that I had to stay away from Fiverr for a while and was late in delivering an order and the buyer cancelled without knowing about the automatic review that is left by the system.

When I got back I sent a message to the buyer explaining why I was late and delivered his order via the inbox.

He then re-ordered the same gig and even sent a ticket to the Customer Support to remove the automatic review.

Yes sir, I strongly believe that we as a seller need to be very careful with being late.

Thank you very much for your comment.

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Reply to @zarafal: Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m still impressed by your record. I have 15 negative reviews, 1,300 positive, and 2190 orders since I started on Fiverr. The good news is you can get promoted to TRS even if your rating isn’t 100%. I know that, because I was 99% when I got promoted.

If you ever get a negative review, my advice is to respond it and defend yourself. Sometimes my buyers get more than what they pay for, and when they do and still leave a negative review (Satisfactory experience), I will write something like “You paid for 5 and got 10. You call that satisfactory?” Or “You think headline 1, headline 2, headline 3, are really bad headlines.” I find that if I defend myself with the facts instead of emotions, I do better.

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