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My Fiverr Story Failure to sucess


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So this story begins a couple years back. I was working in the Meat department for 3 years at a grocery store. My brother had been working for a landscaping company and one day came to me and said that they were looking to hire someone, so I applied and within a week I got the job. I gave my notice to my manager and away i went. So about 3 weeks into the new job i get called in for a meeting and was told by the owner that I was not meeting the requirements for the position and they had to let me go. So this left me jobless… While searching for jobs online I noticed a ad saying about a new Graphic Design course starting in my city 🙂 I was pumped and applied right away.

The course started and about 6 months of it was a waste. Are instructor was not teaching us very much and we pretty much just went in, did are own thing then left… Basically teaching are self. They fired the teacher and hired one that actually taught us. But there was only 5 months of the course left so we didn’t get to really learn everything from the beginning. Coming out of it I feel I have become a better designer but wish I could have had the teacher we did at the start. Getting out of school I had no job, no income coming in nothing and at the same time trying to manage to get money together to pay for car bills, phone, school etc. I had to give up one of my most loved sport, Paintball and sell my gear because I was no longer financially stable.

While in class I discovered Fiverr and signed up just for the fun of it. Started off slow with maybe 1 or 2 orders every 2nd day. I stuck with it and tried many gigs to see which worked and which didn’t. Then about a month ago I was given Top Rated seller status. Let me tell you, once you get this rank your orders will improve. Right now ive been making enough money to do this as a full time job and i’m about a quarter of the way to being able to pay off my full student loan.

Moral of the story, never give up on here try new things, research a lot to see what works and what doesn’t and most importantly ask questions :). I’m not going to lie and say you can get it over night because in reality you won’t but as long as you keep working hard, making sure your customers come first and have a positive attitude then you can do it :).


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Absolutely smashing article mate and it’s very nice to hear that story. I haven’t done as well as you (yet) but apart from that it’s such a similar story to myself.

It’s so true and I hope I can achieve top seller one day from delivering quality work, and hopefully level 2 soon after a few more gigs. (That’s when I’m going to get super creative and put some really special gigs up there that I can put a lot of effort and enjoyment into)

Yeah it doesn’t come overnight your right, unfortunately it’s easy to think it does. Spot on about customer service.

I’m glad it’s got you out of the…erm…rubbish , through your own hard work and actually making people happy with what they’v purchased. Top bloke mate.

It is crappy when sellers just take the mick out of people giving them poor quality gigs and assuming its all just easy money that trickles down from a magic money faerie tree. The worst thing about it is that it leaves you really unhappy with what you’v purchased, you know it’s been rushed with no care at all and your emotions get negatively charged.

So boo to the few goblins there that think we’r all just an easy ride and fair play to ya mate for keeping people happy with what they’v brought.

My girlfriend has handed in her resignation today because her boss is a total looney.

This is actually the workplace she is about to leave and after googling him up we found these > http://www.qype.co.uk/place/659840-Fadi-Tailoring-Repair-Alterations-Tadworth

How would you feel if you knew your customers felt like that???

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