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Sellers who don't understand good business practice


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As a buyer, you have no idea how frustrating it is when you have a business and your network lets you down. By network, I mean those people who are working for you don’t respond, take days to start your order or even responding to you, take vacations without putting that info into their gig before you buy…

I have thousands of dollars to spend on the right people and I thought Fiverr was a good place I could come to get good work done effectively and at a great price. But as I’m discovering, you get what you pay for and if the pay is low, the reliability is extremely low too.

I’m a reasonable guy and full of praise when people can just do the job they have advertised. But tardiness and a half-hearted, lack luster approach, taking days before starting orders… no matter what the price, I can’t use it. I’m running a business and if sellers can’t or won’t understand good business practice, then it isn’t the best place for me to buy gigs.

So far I have a couple dozen completed orders, but 14 of those are cancellations. It just shouldn’t be that way. Also when you cancel by mutual consent, you can’t give feedback, which is a shame, because I could weed out these bad sellers if I had the opportunity.

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I am sorry you have hit this rock in the road to buying on fiverr. It is truly sad that buyers as you feel this way and I know it can be infuriating.

Don’t give up hope but look at other options fiver has to offer. You can request a gig and have sellers come to you with offers. as you said “you get what you pay for” though sad to hear that because in my opinion $5 should be just as good work as $100 on a gig.

But alas you hit this point and I feel you.

I would recommend trying to request a gig and see who will come from the wood work for you. Heck, if you need help ask for referrals.

If you didn’t know you could request a gig its simple to do. cick on your name in the upper right then select “My Orders” followed by “Request a Gig”. from there you can describe briefly what you want and see who comes your way.

If you did already know that I am sorry that it didn’t work out for you. You could also ask for recommendations as I stated and see where that leads you.

Hopefully something can be done to change your outlook and better your experience while you are here.

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Thanks for replying,

I have tried that feature and you get hundreds of replies back, but none of the replies have any detail in them. They seem like a standardised reponse, ie. “I can do this gig for you.” No background or detail and even if you click on their user to see what gigs they offer, they’re not related to what you’re asking for.

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Though this is true you can see what their percentages are, how many of a product they have done and how many cancellations…

Granted its for that one particular gig they used to select your want. But useful the same. I wont beat around the bush here because I understand the frustration as a buyer would have.

But I will say stick with us there are some golden eggs in the mess of what you have seen so far.

and I hope you get a good seller under you. Its good to see dedicated buyers on fiverr of whom without we wouldn’t be here as sellers.

I agree the generic message is sad, but you could click their gig and see more.

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Also as for your need (I read the other post you have also) a 24 hr gig should be done on time when ordered. Heck it should be done within hours IMO if someone orders it.

Alas its late now and I need sleep. I hope this works out for you and wtruly wish you luck for your youtube needs.

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Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated.

That’s right, the standardised response is the same I get times 100. I really feel people offering their response to this should be entitled to respond with their own words, otherwise you’re getting the same message 100 or more times. How do we as buyers differentiate?

I do agree with you that we can look at the stats, but this is no indication that they can do the specialised job you need, especially if I know it IS specialised and not all of them will be able to do it (even if they say they can). I have spent some time clicking through onto them but can see they don’t currently offer anything similar to the gig I need. (and really would be doing so already if they could do this request)

Having contacted well over a dozen sellers so far, I have found one true professional and two that started out really good, gave them fantastic praise each time (which made their orders go up) - But now… silence again!!! If someone was offering me regular work every few days, I know I’d be chomping at the bit to make sure I started their next order within 12 or 24 hours maximum.

Not so with either of these two sellers. So far I’ve given them about half a dozen orders each, all perfect, five star feedback, completed their order immediately so the money would be released… But now three days after starting new orders, I’m still waiting for any response.

Just not good enough. And these guys could be a few thousand up in the space of a couple months. So now my business is stalled, just when I thought a good thing was going!

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Reply to @pappy12: 7

I’m sorry for your bad experiences, but I’m sure you’ll find good sellers in the future: Fiverr is full of people willing to do quality work.

As for the “Buyer’s request” section, unfortunately we sellers don’t have the possibility to send detail messages (maybe some Top Rated Seller can, but I don’t know), and sometimes the system doesn’t work logically, so doesn’t allow you to send the right gig for the right request…

Good luck with your businness!


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Guest emostafa

Hi @pappy12

I am really sorry to hear your bad experience on Fiverr.

There are millions on sellers from different country & with different time zones. There are lots of good sellers as well on Fiverr, but the main problem is when a buyer is looking for them they can’t find them. I am a seller on Fiverr as well, I am providing design services. There’s lots of sellers who created their gig but do not maintain them, this is why when a Client order’s their gig they end up getting cancelled.

If you need something specialized, you can search on Fiverr and look for the search results and find what you need. There’s are a lots of people providing their services on Fiverr, but it might be difficult new buyers to figure out a specific seller who will work out best. You will have to look for their level and reviews before your order, that can help.

I agree with you, sometimes the silence happens, you need to have a look at their gig extras, if they have express delivery or something related to delivery time, look for that and order gig extra, I hope you will get your delivery quickly.

Once you get familiar with some Fiverr Seller you will not be as confused as of now. Just try to find the sellers you need. I guess you’ll loved them.

Thank You

Emran M.

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@pappy12 I am sorry you are having this problem. If I may offer some insight, it would be that the natural logic of a buyer is to start at the top. Maybe you go to your best fit category, look at the recommended, then maybe the highest rated gig. Sadly, those sellers are usually inundated by queries all day long. I know I juggle finding if I am a right fit for a new buyer, versus getting an order delivered on time. Business explodes for the high ranking sellers here. That being said, I starved my first year, and was happy to get anything, and made my turnaround time usually under an hour with my best effort. So, maybe look at things in a different perspective. Look for those Level 1 or below sellers who only have a handful of reviews, but a very high rating. Those are your hungry sellers. I am not saying anyone is not doing their best here. I am only suggesting that those with more time have better focus and response ability. Hey, I made up a word, response ability. Hehe. No, seriously, dig a little and shine a light on some people. You will be highly rewarded. Thank you.

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Reply to @pappy12: I feel your pain; however, a lot of sellers use fiverr as a side-hobby, rather than a full time income. Not forgetting the fact that many more live in different time zones. If you send a time-sensitive request that they can’t answer quickly, they might ignore it, thinking something like, “oh, well he needed fast delivery but I’m in work for another 4 hours so I can’t help”. I know I’ve been guilty of this a few times. If you send time-sensitive requests, you’ll usually receive rushed responses (or in some cases, no response at all).

My advice would be to plan considerably in advance. Send out 50 copy and paste messages to sellers operating in your space. Then, look at who replies with a genuine response and within a decent amount of time. Next, send a few more probing messages and identify a group of people who you can work with long-term.

Assuming you find the right people, you shouldn’t have any problems. I have one buyer who has ordered from me for over 2 years, so working long term through fiverr is definitely viable.

Good luck!

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Guest evpassino

Fiverr can be a great resource for buyers and source of opportunity for sellers, but it’s also a risk for both parties. You do get what you pay for sometimes.

I rely heavily on my traditional business experience and I attribute a lot of my success on Fiverr to that experience. I’ve been a client, I know what it’s like to be let down, and I don’t ever want to be that person for someone else. Unfortunately there are plenty of Fiverr sellers who don’t have basic customer service skills and I get the impression some are happy to hide behind their computer screen. I think Fiverr works hard to police bad sellers, but there’s no way to find them until they screw someone. It’s a work-in-progress 🙂

I hear you on the Buyer Request process. It’s just as frustrating for sellers. I can’t tell you how many times I have the perfect gig, but the buyer categorized their request differently, so I can’t submit it. I’m a huge fan of the Custom Quote feature and it would be awesome if they could merge it with the Buyer Requests. Unfortunately I think they haven’t because there’s a risk of spam and overzealous sellers harassing buyers.

Good luck finding reputable sellers for your projects. They’re definitely out there.

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