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Share your tips plz for increasing orders


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One of the best tools you can use to improve your chances of getting noticed and making sales is meta-analysis, and what this means is doing an analysis of multiple analyses. For example, look at a seller in your category who has a lot of success. How is that seller’s title written? Look at the key words in the title and think about why they’re there. Then, do the same for another successful seller in your category.

And another, and so on, until you start to see patterns emerge. If you want to do this the easy way, you can use an online word-cloud generator to aggregate all the titles of big sellers in your category. You will see patterns emerge. There is a reason certain words are chosen.

Next, do the same for the gig description. What words appear most frequently among a dozen or more successful sellers? These sellers certainly aren’t working together, but a meta-analysis will show that they all have some things in common. There’s a reason for this.

Also, look at the formatting and paragraphing of the gig descriptions of successful vendors. People like lists, and there’s a reason successful sellers create small blocks of text that focus on one thing at a time.

As others have said, make sure that your keywords appear in the title, description, and keywords of your gig listing. Make it matchy-matchy and you’ll see good things happen.

As for activities outside of Fiverr, you can do a Google ad campaign. Set your budget whatever you like - $5 a month, even - and do the same process with your ads. Limit your ad-groups to just one set of keywords and don’t dog-pile a thousand keywords into one ad-group. Then, do a Google search for the keywords in that ad group and look at the top ads. The top ads aren’t there by accident, and the people who wrote them are spending a lot of money to get results, so you can be sure they’ve got a good recipe to follow. Copy those ads word-for-word and edit them to be relevant to your keywords and listing.

And remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all those other goodies that create a professional appearance. Your buyers may not be grammar nerds, but they know the difference between good ad copy and text-talk drivel. If you don’t trust yourself to write your gig, find somebody who can - there’s a bunch of 'em on Fiverr who could probably help.

It’s tedious work, but it will literally pay off in the end.

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